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Lab of Viral Zoonotics (LVZ)

The CL3 FACS machine allows single cell sorting by various parameters. It works by separating cells, passing them through a charge ring and sorting them by charge (according to their fluorescence).

How the FACS Machine Works


Cell pigments, apoptosis, surface or intracellular antigens and membrane fluidity are just a few ways in which cells can be separated. Once separated, libraries from these cells can be prepared and sequenced to learn more about the characteristics of specific cells.

 In the LVZ lab, we have a state of the art, high performance FACS machine (ARIAFACSIII - BD biosciences) with unparalleled sensitivity and resolution. If you would like to use our FACS machine for your research, please fill out this form and we will get back to you with our availability as soon as possible.