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LVZ Research Overview

       Viral Zoonotics

At the Laboratory of Viral Zoonotics, we work on a variety of zoonotic diseases (diseases which normally exist in animals but can be transfered to people). Zoonoses often cause detrimental effects to human populations which are not used to these pathogens.

There is full spectrum of Viral-Immunopathology projects in the LVZ, ranging from the evolution of Zoonotic pathogens, characterisation of the Virome in "One Health and Disease" and impact of viral infections in primary immunodeficiencies. Research here is divided into 3 broad areas; genomics, viromics and immunity.

Studies also focus on understanding successful host immune responses to RNA viruses. Translationally this information is utilised for the rational design of novel vaccines for the prevention of diseases caused by notoriously variable viral pathogens. Within the "immunity" programme, the lab continues to address the complex issues of immune correlates and to develop strategies to systematically dissect vaccine-induced immune responses that facilitate vaccine efficacy. Current vaccine programmes include structure based vaccine development for HIV and hepatitis C, and rational vaccine design by escape analysis.

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